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Writing in Junk Journals – 7 Tips

How do you go about writing in junk journals that have printed matter on them already? Junk journals are often made with recycled or upcycled materials.

They also contain a mix of paper types, such as tissue paper, vintage book pages, old documents, and junk mail.

Many people ask how do you use these pages if they already have stuff on them.

Here are my favourite tips for getting your story onto your journal pages.

1. Glue in some writing paper

If you paste some lined paper over the junk paper, you can write on that.

Writing in junk journals; Glue writing paper over the page
Glue writing paper over the page

2. Attach paper with washi tape

Washi tape is paper adhesive tape that journal makers really love. It has wonderful patterns that enhance journal pages wherever it is attached. A little glue applied under the tape will make the adhesion permanent, as washi tape is removable without that extra step.

Washi tape paper to a page
Washi tape paper to a page

3. Write on the page with markers

If you write with a contrasting coloured marker over the printed pages in a journal, it’s easy to read the writing. If you would rather it was secret, write over the first marker writing in another colour or upside down over it.

Writing in junk journals with markers
Writing in junk journals with markers

4. Journal around the printing

Write in the margins or around images printed on the journal page. Many sewing patterns are sparsely printed so you can easily write your story there.

Write around the printed text
Write around the printed text

5. Record on the back of a tag

Most journal tags are either blank or have lines on the back so you can write on them.

Journalling card front and back
Journalling card front and back

6. Pockets have space for your words

Many journal pages have pockets where you can insert letters, or written stories. Insert an envelope into a pocket, thus making a great spot for some writing in your junk journal.

Journal pocket
Journal pocket

7. Journalling cards are great

Even though journalling cards have beautiful embellishments on the front, there is space to write on the reverse.  You can pop the cards into tuck spots or an envelope, or staple them onto the page.

Journalling card front and back in pocket
Journalling card front and back in pocket

Enjoy these junk journal videos

In contrast, watch these other journallers share their process for writing in junk journals with you.

I’m A Cool Mum Junk Journals has many colourful journals to see.

Johanna Clough’s junk journals are filled with colour and writing.

Ephemera’s Vintage Garden junk journals has several great videos on how she uses her journals.

Watch Nik the Booksmith tell how she junk journals.

Writing in junk journals is easy

Another post with more detailed information about writing in trashy junk journals shows you how.

I hope you find these tips useful. Please share and like the page.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments section.

Have fun.
See you next time.

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