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What is junk journal ephemera?

I explain what junk journal ephemera is and outline some ways to use it in your own junk journals.

First, what does the word ephemera mean?

From :

things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
“there were papers, letters, old boxes—all sorts of ephemera”
collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.
“Mickey Mouse ephemera”

Junk journallers love to use vintage ephemera in their keepsake journals. There are many internet sources for printable junk journal ephemera, both free and to buy.

But you already have lots of ephemera available if you just know what you are searching for. You can age this paper stuff to be more vintage in style.

How others use junk journal ephemera

Here’s a free lesson from Johanna on how to use ephemera.

Johanna shows how to use junk journal ephemera for a background
Johanna shows how

What do you use ephemera for in a junk journal?

They make lovely page decorations and are great to attach to a page as a tuck spot. Pamphlets and dockets are wonderful inserted into a story about where you went and what you bought while there.

Lots of ephemera in this journal
Lots of ephemera in this journal

(Read more about Not So Shabby )

What about modern day ephemera?

We are fast becoming a digital society, with e-books, e-receipts, and downloadable appliance manuals. As a result, in the not too distant future people will be amazed to see some of today’s paper bits and pieces such as in these pictures.

Visit these ephemera links

I found this page from ArtJournalist by asking Google for junk journal ephemera. It’s a scavenger hunt list that is very extensive and I just loved it!

artjournalists junk journal ephemera page

And here’s a Pinterest board from Julie B about ephemera in junk journals.

Diane H shares her treasures with you

Ephemera adds interest to junk journals

Now that you understand what all the fuss about junk journal ephemera is about, you can start keeping the bits and pieces of your daily life to add to your next creation!

You will never again throw away:

  • supermarket dockets
  • envelopes
  • stamps
  • clothing swing tags
  • old notepaper
  • bus tickets
  • old business cards
  • lolly papers
  • stickers (even ‘unpretty’ ones)
  • lottery scratchies
  • inserts from medicine packets
  • operating instruction booklets

I’m sure you can find plenty of wonderful ephemera in your house or workplace. Once your friends know you are a “junk journal junkie“, they’ll gladly save stuff for you!

Lastly, tell us in a comment below what you found on your hunt, please.

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