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What are gluebooks? The best definition of a gluebook is probably a cross between an old fashioned scrapbook, a collage book and a trashy junk journal.

vintage scrapbook
Vintage scrapbook image courtesy of New York Public Library

Junk Journal or Scrapbook?

When I was a child, a scrapbook was a big book made of newsprint or brown paper pages. We stuck pictures in, not always very artistically. They kept us busy on rainy or very cold days, and served their purpose well.

Nowadays, a scrapbook has a different meaning and is usually quite stylish and colourful.

What Are Gluebooks Then?

They are either purchased journals/notebooks or handmade junk journals. You glue pictures into the pages any way you want.

Are There Rules For These Books?

There are no rules, but here is what Tori Weyer wrote:

GLUEBOOK: A “gluebook” is a glued collage journal. The basic steps for glue booking are as follows.
1. Find a book, any size, weight, paper or type will work or you can make a book. (I will show you how to make one from recycled materials below.)
2. GLUE! One of the key things you are looking for in a glue for a glue book is something that won’t wrinkle the pages. To me this is the most important part. 

Tori Weyer
tori weyer gluebook

Debbie-Anne of The Vintage Garden wrote another definition :

This glue book is one of my favorite junk journal projects so far. A glue book is when you create collages on your journal pages. It can be a combination of things you like and collect – vintage ephemera, magazine images, items such as buttons, lace, fabric. Anything goes!


And here’s Shannon Green’s unique take on gluebooks. She calls them:

“journals for no reason”

Shannon Green

Shannon has a few videos on her style of collage book. Enjoy this one.

Free eBook for you

Gretchen Miller has a free booklet to download from her self help website.

Do Gluebooks Have A Style?

They are freestyle. The entire book can have a theme, or just each page. Gluebook prompt sites are useful places to start.

The idea is to have fun!

All you need are scissors, pictures and glue. Stick appealing pictures into your gluebook, in any order or size. Tear them out of magazines, junk mail, or other found materials.

One wonderful example of gluebook style is a double page spread covered in used postage stamps. Very colourful.

A Facebook Group To Join

This group is for anyone who loves these books.

So, What Is A Gluebook?

A book to play in and enjoy

  • no matter the weather
  • if you are confined to the house, or
  • whether you just want to glue some pictures on a page in a notebook.

Pages like this one from Moon Stars and Paper.

dinner dilemma gluebook page
What to make for dinner?

Share Your Gluebook Please

Have you tried making a gluebook yet? Tell us all about it in a comment below!

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