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What is a flow-ish junk journal? Modelled on a very beautiful magazine called Flow, these junk journals are supply journals.

The publishers in Holland make Flow magazine for paper lovers. The contents are removable and reusable for artistic activities. However, purchasers are loathe to pull out the wonderful papers because the book is very expensive.

What is the origin of flow-ish junk journals?

Rosemary Frias Morris founded the Facebook group, Trashy and Flow-ish Junk Journals.

Rosemary is the first junk journaller to make one of these journals. Her idea was to make a journal with removable contents, thus making it like Flow magazine. The user could use the papers and ephemera in any way he/she desired.

Hear Rosemary tell about her first supply journal

Find more about Rosemary on:

How are these journals put together?

First make a cover from junk materials. The binding is a no sew method using string or elastic. In this way, the ‘signatures’ remain loose.

Next, select the contents. Inside each signature you put items for making a new junk journal. You need pockets to hold the ephemera in these supply journals. Also, include embellished paper clips to contain some items.

A green triple pocket could hold many supply journal items

I watched Tammy Brackett make some on YouTube. Tammy has several videos on the subject. Fascinating!

9 junk journallers show & tell

I selected these nine junk journallers from many others. Some of them are expert at junk journals. However, they are new to flow-ish journals. Additionally, some of the videos feature new junk journallers.

Note: The listed videos are in no particular order.

Wendy Mason’s got the flow-ish junk journal bug

FLOW-ISH JOURNALS are addictive!!

Wendy Mason

Linda Israel shows you her style

Crafty Mamas tells all…

Southern Gals gives you a glimpse into hers

‘High paper vibes’ made her first flowish journal

Also, Re-used Muse made her first one

Michelle White made a flow-ish style journal for a swap

Bayside Creative Media explains her flow-ish junk journal

Meanwhile, JBMC shares her swap journal

Such different junk journals, with a totally different purpose from mainstream junk journals.

Have you made a flow-ish junk journal? Can you share it with us please?

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