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What Are Junk Journal Printables?

And where do you get them?

Junk journal printables are digital image files (sometimes called ‘didgies’) that you download onto your computer. You can then print them out to put into your journal as decorative elements.

They are often vintage style items, such as Victorian images or old-time newspaper advertisements, that would enhance junk journal pages. Ephemera based around a theme is also popular, such as Easter or owls.

Where do get these printables?

You search on the internet for “junk journal printables” and will get so many listings you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Refine your search around your journal’s theme to narrow the search results.

Why are printables better than buying ephemera?

Paper and die cuts from a store are not as eco-friendly as on-demand prints. In other words, you print the images/pages as you need them. Additionally, you can resize the printouts to fit your project.

I also like to print some of mine on sticker paper so that I can easily glue them into my junk journals.

My search for free junk journal printables turned up pages and pages of listings of sites with wonderful images in many styles.

Two of my favourite sites

( for free printables)

The Graphics Fairy

The Graphics Fairy free junk journal printables index page
Part of The Graphics Fairy free junk journal printables index page

Karen has wonderful vintage elements in sets or single images, most are free, unless part of her premium membership.

New York Public Library

Old letter from NYPL

The library has an online collection of public domain images free for you to use. Simply search for a topic and see what you can find.

I have used rose images, gypsy pictures, and backgrounds for pages such as this lovely old letter .

Are junk journal printables free?

Some are, some are available to buy at a fairly small price. This makes wonderful sense, as you can print them many times over for the same cost.

Whether they are free or have a price, they are not necessarily free to use for your purposes.

  • Are you making your journals for friends and family?
  • Or are you planning to sell them?

Some sites restrict the use to personal only.

Read the terms of use carefully

In many of the sites that make printables available, free or not, the restrictions on use are laid out in plain language and are often quite generous.

Always read these terms very carefully to make sure you are complying with terms for the particular site. Not all terms of use are equal!

Buy some printables here

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with the following sites/persons.

Jan T

Ephemera’s Vintage Garden

Ephemera's Vintage Garden shop page for junk journal printables
Ephemera’s Vintage Garden shop page for junk journal printables

Debbie-Anne has fabulous sets of images for you to buy.
She shows them being used in her journals on her YouTube channel.

Junk Journal Printables on Etsy

There are so many great sellers on Etsy with junk journal didgies. Enjoy browsing. index page for junk journal printables index page for junk journal printables

Lastly, there are so many generous people online that you will be able to find the perfect digital images for your next junk journal.

Next time —

I’ll talk to you about:

how I use junk journal printables, the paper I like to print them on, and how I included them in some of my journals.

Have fun!
Jan T

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