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The new owners of the Park asked me to design and deploy a website for them. How web design and the rules for that have changed since I last designed a site!

Web design trends

The trend in 2016 is flat or one page design, which is so changed from 2012, where hierarchical page design was still the norm. As well, HTML 5 and CSS 3 are quite different from what was current a few years ago, so some brushing up was necessary.

What does flat website design mean?

Definition and purpose. Flat design is a style of interface design emphasizing minimum use of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions (such as excessive use of drop shadows, gradients or textures) and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors.
Flat design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quite a bit of studying and video courses were required to update my skills to 2016, but I have so been energised by the challenges. I forgot how much I loved doing web development.

The most challenging part of the web design was the need for a booking plugin. It was much trial and error finding the right plugin for booking cabins and sites. After trying many, I settled on the one which delivered ease of use as well as functionality.

The new site design starts with a one page template, OnePress from Fame Themes, and is customised by me to a very large degree. The single page scrolls through many sections. While there are a some individual pages, most of these are linked in the section settings.

David, the owner, is so impressed that he said it was maybe too flash for them! Of course it’s not!

The front (almost only) page of the site:

Web design: Cudgegong Waters Park website
Cudgegong Waters Park new website
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