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Ways to use junk journals – More ideas

Would you like to know how to use your finished junk journals? It’s not enough to have a pretty book to sit on a shelf. Make your lovely junk journals part of your everyday journey.

8+ ways to make your junk journals part of your daily life.

Use your junk journals as:

Garden Journals

You love gardens. Ideas for planting and designing your outdoor spaces are plentiful. What was that lovely red flowering tree called? Where is the best spot for that plant? Turn to your garden ideas journal! It can be as elaborate or simple as you want.

Holiday Journals

We were living in a motorhome for a time, travelling around Australia. The ephemera we collected went into the journal, and I wrote about our days. It is wonderful to remember the fun times we had as we browse through our book.

Page 3 of my travel journal
Page 3 of my travel journal

Gratitude Journals

Every few days, write some reasons you are grateful. A junk journal is great for this. Any little spaces where you can write your feelings. Use the little journalling cards to jot down thoughts. No need to write long passages — keeping it simple means you’ll actually do it!

Wedding Journals

Planning a wedding? Too many ideas to keep your thoughts straight? Use a junk journal to organise your ideas. You can have tabs for sections such as colour schemes, venue possibilities, favourite dress designs … You get the idea.

Baby Journals

There are many ways to use a junk journal for a baby journal. One idea is to record your journey through the pregnancy with little jottings here and there. How about a ‘Letters To My Child’ journal? Another fun thing to do,is to record milestones in the child’s first year. Johanna Clough shows how she did this.

Collectables Journals

Are you a bower bird? Do you forget what you have in your (extensive) collections? Use a junk journal to keep track of the items you have, You can either make the journal into a catalogue, or alternatively a fun, creative book.

Patchwork Journals

When I was a full time quiltmaker, I kept records of my quilts by writing blog posts about my progress. But, now I don’t have those musings. Of course I had never heard of junk journals then! How delightful would a junk journal about my quilts be? I made a patchwork journal for a Lavender Blu design team project.

Family History Journals

Have you wondered where you came from? Do you have lots of memorabilia you could keep track of better? Likewise, is there an elderly family member who has lots of tales to tell? Why not use a lovely junk journal to record these moments in time? Then you’ll have the stories behind the people in those old photos to write in your book.

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