Using collage in junk journals

owl be seeing you envelope tuck

Firstly, what is collage?


a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.
the art of making collages.
a collection or combination of various things.
“a collage of musical genres”

I use collage to cover unwanted parts of the materials I make tags, covers, journalling cards …

My Journal binder trashy junk journal cover
I collaged the original binder cover on this junk journal

As well as making the cover more relevant to the inner pages, it used lots of scraps from the original contents.

Covers strengthened with collage

Word Finder
My journal was getting unstable
Full Journal
Very full journal makes the cover need help

I collaged the cover with several layers of the pages from inside the original book. (You remove pages first.)

How to apply paper scraps

  • Tear your junk paper or old book pages into smallish sized pieces. Rough edges are better than straight.
  • Protect your work surface.
  • Paint the base (book cover or canvas or whatever) with a good coat of white glue or ModPodge ™.
  • Brush the back of a torn piece of paper with a coat of glue and place on the base.
  • Smooth the piece out with a credit card, or a brayer.
  • Wipe your smoothing tool often with a wet cloth.
  • Continue until the area is covered.
  • Coat the collage with gesso or thinned acrylic paint in readiness for decorating.
owl be seeing you envelope tuck
Owl Be Seeing You junk journal page collaged with a paper serviette

There many other ways to use collage in your junk journals.

How have you done collage in your own junk journals? Please add a comment below so we can see too.

I have had many careers in my 70+ years, but always creativity was at the forefront. I am passionate about using less and wasting less. I love design, painting, decorating, and now I am combining all that into making junk journals. Creating is like breathing for me!

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