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Common terms used in junk journals and their meanings; Junk journal terms explained and illustrated in pictures.

When you start a pursuit of any kind, there a number of new words to learn. In the ‘language’ of the activity you will find new names for things. Sometimes this is referred to as jargon.

In junk journal circles the same is true. The Glossary of Junk Journal Terms has definitions of twenty or so words you will learn when you first start out as a junk journaller.

More of these terms are added as I think of missing ones. You can help, too.

In the Junk Journal Term Glossary

Selecting a letter from the top will bring up a list of terms beginning with that letter.

Click on a term to see the definition. A pop up shows the meaning and an image where possible. There is a link to the page for that term at the bottom of the tool tip. To close the tip, click anywhere on the page.

Click on the letter or word in the junk journal terms index
Click on the letter or the term

Underlined words are terms

Underlined words show junk journal terms on pages in the site. Meaning, if you click on an underlined term, the pop up definition with an image appears.

Click on the junk journal term to see the definition
Click on the term to see the definition

You go to the definition page if you click on the link to the term. At the bottom are related terms, and a link back to the glossary.

A helpful resource, wouldn’t you say?

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