Most Popular Junk journals

Junk journals made with mostly new materials are the most popular type. They are favourite junk journals for more people than trashy junk journals are.

People make or buy them for gifts, or to celebrate special occasions. If you search online for most popular junk journals, you will find many pages devoted to this favourite junk journal style.

Mostly new materials

These popular journals are constructed with almost all new materials, or from an altered vintage book. They often include tea- or coffee-dyed papers, along with beautifully handmade pockets and tuck spots.

It’s easy to see why these are the most popular junk journals. They are beautiful, usable, with absolute attention to detail.

Favourite junk journal type: Ladies and Roses, with mostly new materials
Ladies and Roses, an altered book with many new materials.

See inside some of these most popular journals

YouTube videos are a wealth of information about junk journals. There are tutorials and walkthroughs of junk journals from all over the world.

Gayle Agostinelli makes amazing altered book junk journals. Furthermore, Gayle is one of my favorite YouTubers.

Again, the size of these junk journals range from micro, mini or A4. They vary in style, colour and theme. From Boho to Vintage style, they delight everyone.

Altered vintage book “Antique Postcards”, a favurite junk journal

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