How to make a junk journal

Instructions for how to make a junk journal abound on the internet. In this article I outline the tools and materials you need as well as the steps involved in making a junk journal.

There will also be links to videos and articles from many talented junk journallers who will help you get started making a junk journal.

Tools and equipment

You will need papers, cover materials or an old book cover, some decorative elements, and ephemera. Also, you will need some equipment.

For making a junk journal there are numerous specialty tools available, although you can use stuff you already own.

Here are my favourite tools:

 How to make a junk journal: Trim and Score Board
Trim and Score Board
Paper Trimmer when making a junk journal
Paper Trimmer
How to make a junk journal: Non-stick and Heatproof Mat
Non-stick and Heatproof Mat
How to make a junk journal: Squeeze Punch
Squeeze Punch
How to make a junk journal: Hole Punch
Single Hole Punch
Lace edge punch for fancy page edges in junk journal
Lace Edge Punch
How to make a junk journal: Corner Rounder
Corner Punch
Bent Nose Tweezers
Bent Nose Tweezers
How to make a junk journal: Stamps and inkpads
Stamps and Ink Pads
Pens and Markers
Pens and Markers
Eyelet Setter
Eyelet Setter
How to make a junk journal: Hot glue gun
Hot Glue Gun
Makeup Wedges
Makeup Wedges
How to make a junk journal: Stencil
Paper scissors
Paper Scissors
Envelope, Box, and Bow Punch Board
Envelope, Box, and Bow Punch Board
Darning Needles
Darning Needles

My go to materials:

Instructions for making a junk journal

Step by step

  • Fold the papers

    Cut and fold your paper
    Tools: Paper trimmer, score board, scissors, bone folder

  • Decorate the pages

    Stencil, dye, glue paper, stamp
    Tools: Dyes, inks, spray bottle, makeup sponge, stencils

  • Assemble into signatures

    Sort the folded pages into groups

  • Choose embellishments

    Handmade or purchases
    Tools: Scissors, trims, punches, glue

    A green triple pocket

  • Make the cover

    Use card, or an old book cover
    Tools: Paper trimmer, patterned paper, scissors, glue

  • Bind the signatures into the cover

    Stitch or staple
    Tools: Guide template, awl, needle, thread (or stapler)

  • Add a closure

    Closures can be ribbon, clips, purchased
    Tools: Ribbon, scissors, button, eyelets, eyelet setter

  • Add ephemera

    Handmade, or purchased

    Love Everlasting inner page with tag inserted

Links to YouTube Videos

I totally recommend these junk journallers for instructions on how to make a junk journal. You will learn as much as I have from watching their enjoyable instruction.

Finished making your junk journal?

Time to make another!

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