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Instructions for how to make a junk journal abound on the internet. In this article I outline the tools and materials you need as well as eight steps involved in making a junk journal.

There will also be links to videos and articles from many talented junk journallers who will help you get started making a junk journal.

Firstly, tools and equipment

You will need papers, cover materials or an old book cover, some decorative elements, and ephemera. Also, you will need some equipment.

For making a junk journal there are numerous specialty tools available, although you can use stuff you already own.

Here are some of my favourite tools:

Trim and Score Board
Trim and Score Board
crop-a-dile closed
Crop-a-dile closed
Not stick Heatproof mats
Not stick Heatproof mats
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun
How to make a junk journal: Stencil
Envelope, Box, and Bow Punch Board
Punch boards
Jumbo paper clips
Jumbo paper clips

My go to materials:

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