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Still more content in junk journals


There are sites online where you can get free printable images to put into your junk journals. You’ll find page backgrounds, journal cards, tags, ephemera, and images to fussy cut.

Print them on quality specialty papers to ensure they last in your junk journals.

rose to fussy cut
Rose image to fussy cut.
Printable ephemera
tags printable
Printable sheet of tags


Ephemera is all the odds and ends of paper that you accumulate in your life. Dockets, tickets, brochures, pictures, notes and so on.


Flyouts for junk journal pages are added to existing pages in a junk journal. These are glued to a side edge, a top edge or glued down on the journal page. This is a great way to add more content in your junk journals.

Folded paper flip up-closed
Folded paper flip up-closed
Folded paper flip up-open
Folded paper flip up-open

You can read my take on other types of flyouts and see how I have implemented them in my junk journals

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