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What else is inside junk journals?

Tuck Spots

A tuck spot is a place in a junk journal for tucking in such items as cards, photos. Also, you can use these spots for ephemera — theatre tickets, brochures, …

These tucks are formed by attaching a card on two adjacent sides only.

Tuck spots can take many forms to allow pictures, tags, etcetera to be ‘tucked in’. Some include: folded edges of a page glued down; envelopes glued to the page; cards glued on two adjacent sides; decorated paper clips.

Content in junk journals - Christmas Story journalling cards in corner tuck spot
Christmas Story: Journalling cards in corner tuck spot

Another tuck spot is when you glue a folded square of paper along the two short sides. This allows you to tuck something behind the triangle. You can lift the flap to write inside this tuck also.

Corner flip and tuck spot
Corner flip and tuck spot

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