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Also inside junk journals are:


Places to keep letters, photos, other keepsake ephemera. Can be paper bags or envelopes glued to the page, or constructed from old book pages.

Junk journals have special places — pockets — to keep letters, photos, or other keepsake ephemera. Paper bags or envelopes are glued or stitched to a page, as are pockets constructed from old book pages or patterned papers.

Below: Envelope pocket on left, corner pocket on the right.

Envelope pocket and corner pocket
Handmade junk journal: Envelope pocket and corner pocket

The pages removed from vintage or other books are used to make pockets and envelopes, or to decorate tags. Collaged onto weak pages or covers for strength is another way to use these.

Trashy Junk Journal category Inside page
Triple pocket: a book page pocket, with a corner tuck on the lower front

The picture below shows a thumb notch on each simple pocket. (Half circle cut out at the edge of a pocket.)

Pocket in junk journal
Pockets in junk journal
Places for writing in your junk journal
Places for writing in your junk journal

Hidden pockets

Another type of pocket is secret. Two pages inside a junk journal are glued either on the top and bottom, or outside edge and bottom. The pocket formed is not visible unless it has thumb notches. Notebooks, journalling cards, tags and writing paper are hidden inside.

Envelope pockets

When an envelope is attached to a page in a junk journal, it forms a special kind of pocket.

Envelope attached to page as a pocket
Envelope attached to page as a pocket

Hidden under a card in this Christmas journal is a stencilled envelope with notepaper inside. (Below)

Card over secret pocket
Little Golden Book junk journal – Christmas card front

Envelope pocket Junk Journal-open
Envelope pocket

Pocket? Where?

Lift the flap and …

Content in junk journals: Secret pockets under here
Secret pockets under here
altered book junk journal - flippy flappy thingy open
Flippy Flappy Thingy open

Carol from The Crafty Emporium designed the original version which inspired me. Carol calls it a “Flippy Flappy Thingy”

Carol is inspirational

The process of writing in your junk journal, either on the pages, or on journal cards and tags.

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