What’s inside a junk journal? First and foremost, there are pages! You need pages to hold the content in junk journals.

Without pages you can’t add your keepsakes or your story.

Pages to write on, to attach photos to, to tuck ephemera into. Pages to enjoy reading after the journal is filled to the brim.

How many pages are in a junk journal?

That depends on who is making the journal.

A micro mini journal made from one 12″ square piece of cardstock has 16 pages.

Contents in junk journals: micro mini 16 pages
Micro mini junk journal has 16 pages

The mini journals below all have 32 pages each in a single signature.

30 pages in each Mini Junk Journals
32 pages in each Mini Junk Journal

Junk journal pages are made by folding a paper in half, yielding four pages — right and left on the front, and same on the back — to write on or decorate.

Pages are grouped into signatures

Nesting several folded pages inside one another along the fold makes a signature.

The signature is stitched along the fold (often with pamphlet stitch) to a spine.

Read how to count the pages.

Varying numbers of pages per signature


Signatures are groups of pages joined together with thread or staples. (In the printing industry, called ‘stitching’.) A modern method of stitching involves no sewing at all!

How many signatures are in a junk journal?

As few as one or as many as ten, sometimes even more!

The number of signatures depends on the width of the spine, which is the back of a book visible when on a bookshelf.

Buster Goes Out (Little Golden Book) spine reinforced with fabric, has two stitched in signatures.

Reinforced fabric spine

Because the number of pages in each signature varies, the thickness of signatures varies also. When making a junk journal cover, you need to account for this.

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