A junk journal maker chooses a style or category from some of the many design genres of junk journals to model a journal around. Some of the most common types of junk journals are listed below.

When you are designing a junk journal, firstly decide on the type of junk journal you will make. Maybe it is to be a gift. Therefore, you choose the style to suit the person or the occasion.

Many junk journals fall into these categories:

Note: The following list is not comprehensive.

  • Floral
  • Nature
  • Little Golden Book
  • Feminine/Masculine
  • Fantasy
  • Vintage
  • Shabby Chic
  • Boho
  • Trashy (my favourite)


Based around a flower or flowers, this junk journal style is a perennial favourite with junk journallers.

floral style junk journal
Botanical Beauty cover


Extremely popular in online circles, these junk journals feature anything from the natural world. Butterflies are a recurring theme in my work.

Lacy Wings cover
Lacy Wings cover

Little Golden Book™

People are making journals using damaged or discarded Little Golden Book™ children’s books. These journals are for adults. However, they are nostalgic reminders of one’s childhood.

Little Golden Book™ junk journal with vintage postcard tucked in
Little Golden Book™ junk journal with vintage postcard tucked in


Self explanatory types of junk journals which vary from person to person, age group to age group.

Perhaps the person is very young. A baby? This junk journal category means cutesy imagery, delicate colours as well as infant (birth) ephemera.

Fantasy Junk Journal Style

Unicorns anyone? Perhaps fairies or angels?

There are any number of ways to design a junk journal in a fantasy style. Topics abound. So, let your imagination run free in this category.


Vintage junk journals remain one of the most popular categories of junk journals ever. Below is a video from Gayle Agostinelli. Watch as Gayle works on such a journal. She is most certainly one of my favourite YouTubers. Love her stuff!

Shabby Chic

There are many versions of this perennial favourite style online. Pale colours, laces, ribbons feature. This very feminine type of junk journal is ever in fashion.

Mini journal in pocket, corner tuck
Mini journal in pocket, corner tuck


My first junk journal ever was a trashy style of junk journal. I was unaware it was a junk journal style. Follow the link above to read about this journal. Of course, I just love making junk journals in this category!

Trashy Junk Journal category inside page


I recently made a gypsy (Boho) style junk journal. This colourful category has become very popular of late.

Gypsy Jan junk journal flip-out
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