Learn about trashy junk journals in this article.

These books usually contain junk mail, sales catalogues and used envelopes. Other harvested materials such as discarded packaging is prevalent.

The covers are salvaged from other books or packaging. Decoration and embellishments come from parcel wrappings. For example, the covers of a journal by Crazy Rebekkah, are snack packets glued to cardboard.
(See the video at the bottom of this post.)

Does this mean they are rubbishy journals?

On the contrary, they have a special appeal.

I made my first trashy junk journal in about 2012. It is constructed from junk mail, paint catalogues, cereal boxes, flyers, all sorts…

I tell you all about this little journal.

Trashy junk journals rock!

The philosophy behind this style of junk journal is to rescue discarded materials and upcycle them with artistic flair.

These journals are different from most junk journal styles because:

  • Pages are rarely all the same size
  • The paper varies enormously, from really thin (tissue paper) to really thick (cardstock)
  • There is no set colour scheme
  • You can include anything you want — lace, stickers, cutouts
  • Covers can be hard (cereal box) or soft (watercolour paper)
Trashy junk journal Many different paper types and page sizes
Trashy junk journal Many different paper types and page sizes

Every journal is unique because the materials can’t be duplicated. The variety is endless. Sizes range from micro (very tiny) to maxi. Additionally, each book may contain a different number of pages.

Another journal made from trash

Reusing this recipe book was such fun. I upcycled it into a wonderful junk journal.

The original image pages are the base, and I glued small paper strips in pretty arrangements over them.

Front cover upcycled recipe binder
Front cover upcycled recipe binder

Mini trashy journals

Mini junk journals (in the video below) are purse-sized. Great for shopping trips. They contain papers from my scrap bin. The covers are white cardstock from a friend’s bin.

Each has leftover stickers, cut outs or paper scraps for adornment. They are particularly attractive, in spite of no matching of patterns or colours!

Mini junk journals made with scraps and leftovers

Trashy Junk Journals Are Charming and Quirky!

Some junk journals are based on a theme, such as a music score or a flower. Others let the pretty paper dictate the style. On the other hand, trashy junk journals have no set theme. Composed entirely from found or scrap papers, junk mail and used envelopes, they have a charm all their own.

Here are two junk journallers showing and telling:

Shannon Green’s (little) paint swatch junk journal
Crazy Rebekka loves her wonderful trashy junk journal

Not only are trashy junk journals fun to make,
they are also fun to work in.

says me!

To sum up…

Trashy junk journals are my favourite. These books are one-of-a-kind and so much fun due to the different junk materials. Have you made any?