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Ultimate Guide To Junk Journals

Are junk journals full of rubbish? Are they made of what some might consider ‘junk’? This ultimate guide to junk journals answers all your questions.

An essential handbook of junk journals

The guide has information about junk journals. You’ll find details about the materials journals are made from. Additionally, you will learn what things are inside these books.

Firstly, what is a junk journal?

The dictionary defines a journal as a book for recording details of one’s life.

A junk journal is a book constructed of old or new collected and found (‘junk’) papers. Also a book to record the details of one’s life, although in a more visual way.

The Ultimate Guide to Junk Journals consists of 6 sections:

1: Trashy Junk Journals

Old manila folder becomes a junk journal

Discarded materials, such as junk mail and advertising catalogues are turned into trashy junk journals.

Undeniably interesting, and yet they are practical and eco-friendly.

2: Most Popular Junk Journals

Cover embellished with collage as decoration

Made from mostly new materials, such as patterned paper, and readymade die-cuts.

As you can see, this type of junk journal is beautiful.

3: Categories of junk journals

Junk journals come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Trending styles in 2019 are vintage, boho and shabby chic. There are many more categories outlined in the categories section of the handbook, combined with images illustrating examples.

A look inside a feminine style journal from The Crafty Emporium

A trendy boho junk journal from Bonny and Clive, Australia

4: Contents of junk journals

What’s inside junk journals?

Beautifully decorated and embellished pages are the main ingredient.

There are pockets and tuck spots on the pages in a junk journal for the purpose of stowing keepsake ephemera.

Hidden pockets for secret stuff are often inside.

Ultimate Guide: Envelope and book page pockets
Envelope and book page pockets

Coupled with tags and journalling cards, there is plenty of space on the pages for writing your story.

More detailed information about the contents of a junk journal is in the relevant section of the guide.

Tova from Sweden: A gorgeous shabby chic popular style junk journal

5: How to make a junk journal

There are so many how to videos on YouTube to show how it’s done. This section of the guide will detail the steps involved to make a junk journal, and link to my favourite instructional videos. Also, there’s ideas for where to source materials.

6: Terms used in junk journals

At the end of The Ultimate Guide to Junk Journals is a link to the list of terms used in junk journal ‘speak’.

This glossary or dictionary explains what the terms mean, and shows pictures to illustrate the definition further. You can even add to these terms by submitting this form.


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