Bob's nearly broken foot

Rabbit hunting?

Bob fell down a rabbit hole just outside the door of the Winnebago this morning and has a nearly broken ankle. The doctor said he may yet have to have it plastered. We are waiting for a few days to see if the current treatment works. Poor Bob!...

Journal spread Gresford

Spread from my journal

We have decided to add Gresford campground to our list of favourites, because we like the peaceful surroundings there. This is the spread in the journal showing some of the scenery as we travelled there and some pictures of the campground at Gresford....

Journal page of the Murray River region

Riverina area and greater Murray region

Travelling in the Winnebago around the Riverina saw us wondering at the size of the grain paddocks. Miles and miles of golden grain fields, set against a backdrop of dark green treeline, and the biggest azure blue sky. We came across three wedge tailed eagles enjoying the fruits of their kill a baby lamb...

Winnebago Eyre 2012

Finally we are on the road

We have moved into the Winnebago, full-time. It’s amazing how much stuff we still needed to pack into it, even though we reckoned that we had a bare minimum. We bought a small covered-in trailer which has all the excess ‘stuff’ in it, making room for tubs with lids to act as pantry and...

Changed my journalling storage plan

We went to visit our new Winnebago last Friday (it’s so lovely!) and decided that the large tub wasn’t the way to go. I decided to utilise a rolling set of drawers that I always keep by my sewing machine. So I have emptied it and am in the process of filling it with...

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