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My new journalling storage solution

journal pens storage

I packed all my supplies, except the hair dryer, into this rolling trolley full of drawers. I have had it beside my sewing machine with threads, needles, and all things quilty. As I packed the contents, it occurred to me that it was the better solution to journal supplies storage.

It turned out to be very successful.

Here it is closed:

My journal supplies trolley

The trolley closed

And open:

Journaling supplies trolley open

The big yellow and white book is to be my travel journal (an altered book).

Here’s the best bit

This drawer has plastic cups to store pens and pencils. I have looked at so many journaling websites, I can’t remember whose site this idea came from. Perhaps by chance you may know so I can credit her. Thank you to her anyway.

journal pens storage
A clever idea for storing pens and markers
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Changed my journalling storage plan

We went to visit our new Winnebago last Friday (it’s so lovely!) and decided that the large tub wasn’t the way to go.

I decided to utilise a rolling set of drawers that I always keep by my sewing machine. So I have emptied it and am in the process of filling it with my supplies.

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All my stash fits in 3 shoe boxes

Top view of stored fabrics in shoe boxes

Now you know that’s not quite true!

My main stash is the one which I use every time I start an art quilt

and it fits in three shoe boxes, organised into colour families where possible. The boxes have tight-fitting clip-on lids which keeps the dust out, and I always put a bar of (old) fragrant soap inside anything I store to discourage moths and other creep crawlies.

My specialty fabrics such as conversation prints, and backing fabrics (just a few!) are in plastic bins that are about 24 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches. I use these fabrics for grandbaby quilts, quilts for people with special interests like ducks, or for hospital quilts for kids. My tiny collection of batiks sits in a tiny plastic bin on a shelf in the studio van.

The shoe boxes are not your average shoe boxes either. They fit six pairs of shoes and are designed to fit under a bed or at the base of a walk-in wardrobe. Continue reading All my stash fits in 3 shoe boxes