70th birthday | Jan T cutting cake

70th birthday

In January, 2016, it was my 70th birthday!

Hard to believe isn’t it? My darling husband gave a surprise 70th birthday party (because when you turn 70 years old that is a milestone), that wasn’t a surprise because he couldn’t keep lying to me.

The girlfriends from here and in town — even one husband who is also a friend — were all here and we had a lovely afternoon.

The girls referred to on the cake are Daisy and Poppy, not my daughters!

70th birthday cake

Bob lights the candle. Only one, so we didn’t burn the house down.

70th birthday called for many candles. Bob only placed 1
70 called for many candles. Bob only placed 1

Cutting the cake.

70th birthday: cutting the cake
Cutting the cake


What I am grateful for in 2013

I was reading an ebook about journalling, and saw a page about the end of the year approaching.

The author said she liked to reflect on the past year and see the best things.

Since my recent ill health and the not so wonderful (although not life threatening) diagnosis, it would be easy to feel sorry for me.

Gratitude for my blessings is a way of reminding myself of all the good things in my life, so I decided to make a journal page about  just that.

I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.





Builder finished today, Winnebago still off the road

The builder finished his part of the job today and the plumber and electrician will complete by week’s end.

cabin extension

Bob is depressed and angry because we can’t seem to get the Winnebago fixed. We are stranded to all intents and purposes, although one of the residents came up and offered us her car to go to Mudgee. Wasn’t that nice?

That same lovely lady gave us the mosaic of the saxophone you see here as a house-warming present. The sax is mostly mirror chips, and the rest is tile pieces.

cabin steps entrance

The screen was inspired by a wall of old pallets in a Rylstone cafe. We love it.