Collage in junk journals

Doily pocket: Jan's Junk Journals

I share some of the ways that I use collage in junk journals. I show you: What is collage, how to apply scraps for collage, and where to use collage in junk journals. Firstly, what is collage? collage/ˈkɒlɑːʒ,kəˈlɑːʒ/noun a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper … Read more Collage in junk journals

Free Junk Journal Cards

Upcycle junk paper sentiments added

Following on from my gluing scrap strips to junk cardboard to make tags, I have been painting and stencilling on more trash cardboard and packaging. And I get free junk journal cards for my efforts! [su_youtube url=””] While you can buy beautiful readymade cards and tags for your journals, it’s much more eco-friendly to make … Read more Free Junk Journal Cards


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