The car quilt is finished

Bound and ready to go on holiday tomorrow, the car quilt is finished. I decided to call it Clayton’s Winnebago, because our Hyundai is the Winnebago we had when we didn’t have a Winnebago! The end result is quite an elegant quilt for our double bed in the car.  ...

Batman quilt

I’ve been sewing in my studio!

Playing in my studio Yesterday I put two sides of binding on the big quilt for our car. We have a full-size double bed in our Hyundai van, because we both have terrible backs and needed an excellent bed for travelling. I used blacks, whites and greys in one of Judy Turner’s tatami mat...

Clayton's Winnebago quilt

Quilt for the bed in our car is ready to be bound

Finished the quilting! Took it off the Inspira quilting frame and it’s ready for the binding.   We have a full sized double bed in the back of our Hyundai iLoad, and this is the quilt that Bob helped to design, cut and put together....

Background decided for Adam's quilt

Background chosen for Adam’s quilt

Auditioned several fabrics: Decided on black I found a great blotchy black and grey patchwork fabric that is perfect for Adam’s quilt. The town they live in is near many coal mines and he is looking to work in a mine soon. Sara’s father has been managing coal mines in the district for many...

Start of the design

New quilt for Adam and Sara

Started a new wall quilt today My stepson and his wife were given a fabulous second-hand smoke glass table, round with very heavy smoke steel central leg, and four chairs upholstered in fawn suede. He hates it! I don’t think he knows what a treasure it is. I have started a wall quilt today...

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