Roses from a friend – painted

My friend gave me a bunch of gorgeous roses from her garden a couple of months ago, and I immediately took pictures so I could paint them. Watercolour paints and paper at the ready Several failed attempts later I was happy with this one, painted freehand with the brush as my pencil.   Hate...

love is

Watercolour Gallery

My latest watercolour efforts Curly Petals Iris Close view of iris flower, 16in x 12in, Arches cold press paper Dabee Street Cottages 9in x 8in, watercolour on Arches cold press paper turquoise-flight water colour balls abstract yellow roses watercolour painting Look Beneath octopus-garden Daffodils watercolour painting roses in crystal watercolour-paintings-tulips watercolour paintings vase abstract...


Roses are red, or apricot

I painted a watercolour close focus picture of a beautiful rose from my friend’s garden, and presented it to her for Christmas. Loved doing all the glazing in this one. 8in x 8in Fabiano cold pressed paper and Art Spectrum paints....

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