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Storage of junk journal supplies is not simple. Do you store each type of supply separately or do you categorise the items? In this article, I share with you one practical solution.

Bulk supplies, for example coffee-dyed sheets of copy paper or rolls of adhesive tape, I store in bins or pretty boxes. File folder and ring binders hold general sticker, stencils and patterned papers.

The idea

My friends get pizzas in the cold section of IGA (grocery) with shrink wrapped pizza in a box with a heart cut out of the lid. Asked if I wanted a box, I said yes! I was going to use the cardboard in my artwork.

It wasn’t long before I was inundated with nice clean pizza boxes, and needed to find a use for them.

Keeping it all together

While making several junk journals at the same time, I found it difficult to keep my bits and pieces organised. So, I put all the stuff for the red roses journal into one pizza box. Stickers, ribbons, tape, book pages, patterned paper, tags, envelopes, die cuts, rose pictures…

Wow! What a difference that made to my workbench. Suddenly, there was a great solution to storing my supplies and my workflow.

In some boxes are things that don’t store well when upright, for example paper doilies and paper serviettes. Although I still have things in my bins and boxes, those supplies are not specific.

Categories for junk journal supplies ‘pizzas’

I use my pizza boxes for a categorised system. The pizza boxes are each for one category, not one type of supply.

At the moment, the boxes have rudimentary labels, as you can see! Between building and moving, that part had to wait.

Rudimentary labels will be changed

The categories include:

  • flowers
  • tea cups
  • Christmas (3 boxes: cards, tags, tapes, etc.; papers; scrap cardstock)
  • gold
  • notelets (I make mini notebooks and journals)
  • weddings
  • cards (new and used greeting cards)
  • paper doilies
  • paper serviettes
  • Graphic 45 stickers (A whole box full. Gift from a friend)
  • vintage music paper (fragile)

How does my system work?

The flowers box from the side has a picture of flowers, the gold box has a strip of gold paper, while the music box has a strip of music paper.

This shows me which box I need, either to add to the contents or to retrieve some ‘treasure’ for a journal. Small items can be popped in the boxes through the heart cutout, without opening the box.

junk journal pizza box system
From the front, you see the label
junk journal pizza box system heart shaped hole in the box
The hole in top is large enough to see the contents.

Junk journal theme made easy

Because I have my junk journal supplies stored in these flat boxes, I can carry just the box I need to my workbench. All the extra bits and pieces to decorate the pages in the next journal are at hand.

So, if I want to make a golden wedding anniversary journal, guess which box I take to work on?

Read about more of my upcycled boxes storage.

Being organised with my junk journal pizza box system means no more pulling out everything until I find what I just know is there somewhere!

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