I’ve been sewing in my studio!

Batman quilt

Playing in my studio

Yesterday I put two sides of binding on the big quilt for our car.

We have a full-size double bed in our Hyundai van, because we both have terrible backs and needed an excellent bed for travelling. I used blacks, whites and greys in one of Judy Turner’s tatami mat style designs, and had great fun quilting each rectangle in different quilting designs on my mid-arm quilting frame.
Quilt in our Hyundai iLoad van

Photos on quilts

Remember way back when I wrote A moment in Time – about printing on fabric for quilts?

A Moment In Time book cover
A Moment In Time book cover

Here’s one of the little scrapbook quilts:

Batman quilt
Batman quilt

I have been experimenting with some new information seen on a video at The Quilt Show recently, and will write some more about my experiments soon.

It’s nice to be quilting and designing for a change from web design work!

Former quilt artist, now a painter having a great time creating art! For more than thirty years, I have been teaching (make that enthusing) people about making quilts, and am now retired! And now I make art every day!

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