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RIP Carala Samantha Miss Mischief Baillie

Daddy Daisy and me(Samantha)

Last week we had to put Sammi to sleep.

She developed some very aggressive behaviour, and was getting vicious, but when we took her to the vet it was discovered she had some neurological problems, possibly a brain tumor.

We said goodbye to her and now Daisy is our only ‘baby’.

Daddy Daisy and me(Samantha)
Daddy Daisy and me (Samantha)

2 thoughts on “RIP Carala Samantha Miss Mischief Baillie

  1. I am sorry to hear that but it was the kindest thing to do. How is Bob coping?

    1. Bob didn’t cope at the vet’s, he waited outside. He says he’ll get over it.

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