King Sized Quilt for Bob and Jan T

Our New Quilt

In January 2005, I began a new quilt for our large bed.

The dark green floral fabric
The dark green floral fabric

Being short of funds, I decided to find what would ‘go’ with the room from the fabrics in my stash. The ensuite bathroom border tiles in that house were dark heritage green, and the walls in the bedroom were a whipped butter colour.

The only piece big enough to use as a focus fabric was a floor length circular table cover for a table I gave to my sister, and the leftover pieces. I unpicked and cut up that cloth to get started.

Get fabrics ready

Scrap fabrics
Scrap fabrics

The next step was to find any fabrics that would complete the palette.

I pulled every scrap and piece in the range that was in the border (feature) dark green floral from the table cover. From cream to pink to green and anything that might belong.

Laying the fabrics in an overlapping stack, with about one inch showing soon let me see which ones jumped out and were not for this quilt. My daughter Angela was there and she kept saying things like ‘that’s too orange’, ‘that won’t go’, but I let my instincts tell me which ones to leave and which to delete.

I ended up with many variations in my fabric palette which makes the quilt more lively. The creams range from yellow to pale—almost white, and the pinks are not all pink, some are tan, some salmon.

The larger squares in the quilt top are leftovers from Bev’s Flowers. The colours were almost positive/negative with the green fabric, so they worked very well together.


The quilting is very dense and all done freehand on my domestic sewing machine.

After watching Ricky Timms’ DVD Grand Finale, I learned how to feather quilt free form and have loved every minute of it.

Partly quilted
Partly quilted

The quilt

Because it is such a big quilt,  I couldn’t take a drop shot, so took a styled shot on the bed instead. (See the basket quilt on the wall?)

The finished quilt
The finished quilt

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