Finished Adam’s and Sara’s quilt

Blossoms in the Benches Quilt

Finishing the quilt for Adam and Sara was quite satisfying, as I added some ‘blossoms’ to it so that it complemented the floor rug which sits under the table and chairs in their dining area. The reason I made the quilt in the first place was so that Adam would like the retro dining suite which Sara’s grandmother gave them, and is so ‘now’ in decor.

The colours are to match the suite, the timber cupboards and the beige tiled floors. The strata on the quilt reminded me of mining benches in open-cut mines and quarries, and as where they live and work is a coal mining area, that decided the name.

Here’s a detail of the designer rug:

Sara's carpet
Detail — Sara’s carpet

 The quilt

While the stitching appears to be big saddle stitches, it is actually machine quilted with a King Tut thread called Rosetta Stone. (Variegated blacks and greys.)

Blossoms in the Benches

The label

Blossoms in the Benches — label on the back


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