Exhibitions: Crossings

Exhibition quilts: Crossings is an exhibition of quilts and photographs about Cape York Peninsula, at Australia's northernmost tip.

The quilts are my interpretation of this amazing place, using Paul's great photographs  for inspiration.

Made from cotton fabrics, some hand painted, some commercial. The quilts are heavily quilted or have free machine embroidery embellishment.

My inspiration for the exhibition quilts:

In part our journeys through Cape York Peninsula, and in part my late husband Paul's photographs of the region — I had plenty to inspire me.

All the quilts are machine pieced, machine quilted and the images and quilt designs are the property of Jan T Urquhart Baillie © 2010-2020

Take a journey across Cape York Peninsular as you browse through the quilts

From the wet desert in the far north to the rain forest of the Daintree...

  • from the pristine coastal beaches to the crocodile infested Jardine River
  • travelling via the track which follows the never ending straight line of old telegraph track
  • or the dry and dusty but fast development road
  • there is plenty to enjoy as you cross this marvellous area.

Artist's statement:

[su_quote cite="Jan T"]I love quilts and I love this beautiful country of ours — Australia.

My late first husband, Paul, loved it too — his favourite part was Cape York Peninsula, the tip of which is  Australia's northernmost point.

He would take anyone who was infected by his enthusiasm for it, on a trek to "The Tip".[/su_quote]

Towards Palmer River

Towards Palmer River

Above Mareeba in Central Queensland

Inspiration photograph


Heading north above Mareeba, and towards Laura, the arid country belies the pleasures to come.

Quilt: Towards Palmer River

Quilt Description

The quilt has free machine embroidered thread painting for the quilting, and for the embellishments.

Many of the fabrics were hand painted, as Australian outback colours are different from commercially available fabric colours.

Punsand Bay at the tip of Cape York Peninsular

Punsand Bay

Left of the very Tip


As you approach the Tip, if you turn to the left you can see this beautiful bay.

Punsand Bay quilt

Quilt Description

I painted the bay onto fabric and then curved pieced a border to take the image out to the edge.

Cape York Spider

Inner Sanctum

At the start of the walk up to the tip


The huge spiders that hide in the lower branches of the trees invite you to get trapped in their giant webs. I hid one in the bottom of the quilt

Exhibition Quilts: Inner Sanctum

Quilt Description

Inner City is a traditional quilt design, normally pieced over papers.

Machine pieced, quilted, and embellished.

Spider hiding on Inner Sanctum
Somerset buttress trees

Somerset Buttresses

In the remnant rainforest at Somerset

Inspiration photo

In a remnant rainforest just south of Somerset, in far north Queensland, Australia, you drive past these staunch keepers of the forest, vines dangling, turkey nests beneath.

Somerset Buttresses quilt

Quilt Description

The quilt was 'built' from 2 inch squares, positioned on a board until the tree was visible. There are five photos transferred onto fabric included in the 'painting'.

Collection of David and Marion Anderson
Captain Billy's fan palms

Fan Palms

Bigger than beach umbrellas, on the way out to the sea

Inspiration photograph

As you venture out to Captain Billy's Landing, you pass a stand of tall fan palms.

The light is green and they sway in the breeze as though fanning to cool you.

Fan Quilt

Quilt Description

The background was pieced with strips and squares, while the palms were raw edge appliquéd on top. The light area in the top left echoes the same area in the image.

Machine quilted with some 'ghost' palms and the leaves show the striations of the real palms which have lines along the length of their fronds.

Collection of David and Marion Anderson
Captain Billy's Landing

Captain Billy's Landing

Halfway down the coast

Inspiration Photograph

A wild stretch of the eastern coast of Cape York Peninsular, Queensland, where bats inhabit the caves to the south, where men were slaughtered in their sleep, and the wind never stops howling...

Quilt: Captain Billy's Landing

Quilt Description

The photo was scanned and traced in Electric Quilt 5.

I made a paper pieced pattern in EQ. The border expands the image outwards past the 'frame'.

Ulysses butterfly

Daintree Dalliance

At the Daintree River

The wonderful Ulysses butterfly is my talisman

They fly around the Daintree, as big as birds. Their shimmering wings delight.

But, like many brightly coloured things in nature, they are poisonous! They were my inspiration for this quilt.

Daintree Dalliance quilt

Quilt Description

Layered appliqué with machine embroidery. Applied over the sixty degree triangle background.

Quilted with my 'baked bean butterfly' quilting design.

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