Big Boy’s Toys


When I met Bob in late 2004, he had two Cyclops™ scooters and a pedal car. He bought them in a sorry state and made them look like new.

Before long he had twenty wheel toys.

We moved to a country cottage in a village, and we had no room, so he only kept two — the tricycle at top right on the quilt, and the little wheelbarrow.

Quilt Description

Images were printed on fabric, then off-centre Log Cabin blocks were constructed around these pictures using black and white fabrics.

The curved piecing in the bottom border is the hills and valleys where I imagined the wheeled toys might have travelled.

Machine pieced, machine quilted

© Jan T Urquhart Baillie 2006


The little wheelbarrow that we kept from Cyclops

The quilting evokes wheels turning, turning …

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