Exhibition: Old Favourite Patchwork & Collections

Used to interpret favourite collections in the quilt exhibition: Collections: Old Favourites  


Old Favourite Patchwork Block

The Log Cabin block has been an old favourite patchwork design for quilters for several generations, and can be straight, irregular, skewed or triangular. I have used different variations of this block in these pieces, to suit the quilt’s topic.

From tiny scrap traditional blocks to large exuberant skewed blocks, they  are all Log Cabin designs.

The images were taken with my Fuji FinePix 2400 digital camera, retouched in Adobe Photoshop CS2, and printed on ColorPlus™ fabric.

This exhibition was shown in Perth in 2006, where I was special guest at the True Blue Exhibitions Annual Craft Show.

Traditional Log Cabin in border

Some Old, Some New quilt

Artist's Statement


Collecting Australian household items from bygone eras has been a passion of mine for most of my adult life. How wonderful to meet a fellow collector — my new husband, Bob. His loves are old hand tools, and toys (especially Tonka toys) from last century.
(And me!)

Log Cabin Block Designs: Used in the exhibition quilts

Traditional | Off Centre | Triangular | Exuberant

log cabin quilt block
off centre log cabin block design
triangular log cabin patchwork

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