Basket Quilt: Baskets of flowers

 The Basket Quilt

Borders of paper pieced baskets surround a heavily dimensional appliqué basket block in this double bed sized medallion style basket quilt, designed in Electric Quilt 4.

Basket Quilt: Hung on the wall
Hanging on the wall

The centre block has a story

Basket Quilt: Jan T at George Street Festival, Brisbane, 1990
Jan T at George Street Festival, Brisbane, 1990

The centre was a sample for a class I used to teach called “A Basket of Flowers” which taught students Baltimore style appliqué techniques in a large quilt block which could be framed and hung.

The first quilt was sent to New Jersey – instead of real flowers – when my pen-friend was in hospital.

The second one (this one) was meant to be a Renoir inspired ‘painting’ of a bunch of flowers. Life interfered with that plan.

The original design was worked up with place-holder blocks in version 4 of Electric Quilt

Basket Quilt: Detail

Borders of paper pieced baskets (pattern from Sew Precise! ) surround the appliqué basket in the centre of the medallion. The ‘flowers’ in the scrap baskets are large floral prints from my fabric stash, while the baskets are plaid fabrics to simulate woven cane.

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