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Printables in My Junk Journals

My journals are filled with lots of imagery. I use printables in my junk journals to enhance the pages. As well, I use some to embellish the covers and tags in journals.

Antique Postcards is a junk journal which uses patterned paper from a stack called Antique Essentials by Kaisercraft. The imagery is vintage postcards and roses.

On the cover is this printable from The Graphics Fairy It’s both a vintage postcard and a rose image, therefore was perfect for my junk journal.

Antique rose postcard printable on the cover
Printable from The Graphics Fairy adorns this cover

Printables for backgrounds

Instead of plain paper or coffee dyed pages, I like to print page sized images to use. The rose on music page below is one such page.

Rose on music page printable
Rose superimposed on music score

Here you see the printable used in my junk journal, Ladies and Roses:

Printables in my junk journal - on inside cover, and next page
Printable on the inside cover, as is the lady on the first page
Another version of the lady decorates the cover.
Another version of the lady decorates the cover.

Paper I prefer for printables

I use three types of paper for my printables:

  • plain copy paper for page backgrounds
  • matte photo paper for images like the cover images above
  • sticker paper for images that I ‘fussy cut’

If an inkjet printer is used, you need to treat printed images with a fixative like Krylon™. Spraying over a printable, once the ink is dry, helps to preserve it and prevent smudging. (It’s important to do this outside or in a well ventilated area.)

Printable in my junk journals - Vintage cat postcard
Vintage cat postcard printed on matte photo paper
Printable in my journal - left hand page
Printable in my journal – left hand page – copy paper print
Printables in my journals - Graphics Fairy sheet
Printed on sticker paper and fussy cut

Printables improve my junk journals

My journals benefit greatly from the different printables that are available online. They are livelier, prettier, and more interesting. Here’s some places to source imagery for your junk journals.

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