park website

Web design(er) again too

The new owners of the Park asked me to design and deploy a website for them. How web design and the rules for that have changed since I last designed a site! Web design trends The trend in 2016 is flat or one page design, which is so changed from 2012, where hierarchical page...

Front page Cottage Capers

Editor again

I have been helping to produce a small (4 page) in house newsletter for a local aged care centre. The centre is called ada cottage, so I called the ‘paper’ Cottage Capers. I have since become the editor, as it is a good way for me to continue in a volunteer role, without the...

Hake brush

Hake brushes: What are they?

Watercolourists use a hake (pron. har-kay) to help them when painting Artists use hake brushes in different ways, but I was impressed with how it was used to re-wet areas that were drying and to dampen areas that are next to paint, while watching a video boxed set course by Paul Taggart, Learning to...


Roses are red, or apricot

I painted a watercolour close focus picture of a beautiful rose from my friend’s garden, and presented it to her for Christmas. Loved doing all the glazing in this one. 8in x 8in Fabiano cold pressed paper and Art Spectrum paints....

70th birthday | Jan T cutting cake

70th birthday

In January, 2016, it was my 70th birthday! Hard to believe isn’t it? My darling husband gave a surprise 70th birthday party (because when you turn 70 years old that is a milestone), that wasn’t a surprise because he couldn’t keep lying to me. The girlfriends from here and in town — even one husband...

layers of my life

Latest painting, sold

Layers of my life Since I was two and a half years old, my life has been fill of loss and sadness. The black areas of the work symbolise this darkness. But there have been many bright times, happy and joyful. Colour fills my days, as in the painting. Threaded through all this has...

love is

More time for art journals

There are so many distractions when you want to make art every day. Life gets in the way so quickly, you hardly notice. I have painted nothing for almost two weeks and we are going house sitting tomorrow for ten days. Oh well! My current obsession is watercolour. I love how it blends when...

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