One of my own junk journals (How it began)

Places for writing in your junk journal

Let me tell you about one of my own junk journals which two of my friends gave me the makings of.

It started with a bundle of cards with sayings on them which Marsha thought typified me. Some of the cards featured flamingos. Denise then came along with a notebook with flamingos on each page, and a pen to match.

Flamingos are the symbol for balance because they stand perfectly balanced on one leg.

So began my little balance journal: Stand Tall.
We all need balance in our lives, me included.

Preparation of the journal

To get started, I:

  • glued pages together to strengthen them
  • turned some back on themselves to make tuck spots
  • folded down the corners to make pockets (see below)
  • pasted some cards as inspiration
  • glued in magazine images to decorate journal entries
  • used coloured pens and watercolour pencils on pages
  • added washi tape to pages

Decorating this page in my journal

I glued scrap paper from my desk on this page because the colours went with the card colours. The flower is a foam shape that I jazzed up a bit with a white Posca pen and a yellow silk flower.

The journalling card (top left) is handmade using scrap strips of patterned paper glued onto scrap card.

Standing Tall, my own junk journal - scrap decoration
Scraps and oddments make a pretty page

Watch how it turned out so far

Enjoy the video below which shows you the little journal and how the simple changes make it my unique book.

I tell you what I did to make the bare bones journal prettier

From small beginnings

Bigger things can grow. You don’t need a big fancy book, or lots of expensive embellishments. Simple materials can make your junk journals look good and feel great to hold. They will inspire you to write or draw in them.

A small notebook, a few pretty scraps of paper, some magazine cutouts, markers, and glue. That’s all you need and you have the makings of your own fun junk journal.

I have had many careers in my 70+ years, but always creativity was at the forefront. I am passionate about using less and wasting less. I love design, painting, decorating, and now I am combining all that into making junk journals. Creating is like breathing for me!

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