Not with Dad anymore, but not at home either

Wow! Life changes in an instant!

We had sold our lovely iLoad because it was too difficult for Dad to climb in and out of. We swapped it for a beautiful red Ford XR6. He has no idea that it isn’t new, or that we did it for him.

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Next we were told we needed to sell our beautiful house in the country because in order to keep our pensions intact, we either had to live separately, or the government would deem income from our ‘asset’. Meanwhile we were camping on the floor in his back room, because we were not allowed to make any changes to anything in his house.

The alternative was to buy a small demountable home in a retirement village and it turns out that you can only have one pet, or buy a second home!!

Last alternative — buy a mobile home.

We traded our gorgeous brand new A-van as deposit on a wonderful Winnebago Eyre, on condition that our house sold. It did in two days!

Dementia takes many forms

Dad had become more and more difficult, even aggressive and violent, as he slipped further and further into Dementia. I was the focus of all this anger, as he believed that I was trying to take his house and his money. His house is squalid, so he is so wrong there.

Three days ago, after many professional aged care social workers, specialist doctors and nurses had finished evaluating his care needs, and as soon as Bob left for a doctor’s appointment, he attacked me physically, and verbally with words a wharfie would have been shocked at!

I had to restrain him by holding his hands away from my face which he was determined to punch. After he calmed enough for me to let go, I went into our room, and noticed blood running down my arm.

He had stabbed me!

I think perhaps he was trying to kill me.

As soon as Bob returned we packed what we could and left his house, on recommendation from the Aged Care Team.

There we were, with no home, no iLoad, no caravan, and now no Dad.

We returned to our house to prepare for moving out, and have decided to travel around for a while, storing our furniture, and seeing more of the east coast.

I can’t fit enough of my sewing and quilting gear into our new home, so I have decided to go back to something I tried a few years ago — travel journalling in an altered book.

As we go along I’ll share my diary with you.

When it’s time to settle in one place I can go back to my quilts.


I have had many careers in my 70+ years, but always creativity was at the forefront. I am passionate about using less and wasting less. I love design, painting, decorating, and now I am combining all that into making junk journals. Creating is like breathing for me!

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