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My latest art journal page

Lilies in the fields

As I worked on adding collaged GelliPlate prints and printed tissue scraps to the background, I thought of adding a person.

Sprayed blue ink through a home made silhouette stencil and then thought of clothing her.

Into my mind popped the verse from Matthew about the lilies of the field, and the page was born.

I used Prismacolor pencils, Aquarelle crayons, spray inks, collaged papers, acrylic paints, Sharpie markers.


3 thoughts on “My latest art journal page

  1. Would you like one overnight visitor next Sunday the 5th. I will be on my way to Orange and I thought if you are up to it I would come on Sunday stay the night and then head to Orange on the Monday. Kevin is not coming. I did send you a text

    1. It is good to keep in mind!

  2. I love it. This is my favourite verse.

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