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What is a mourning junk journal? It’s a journal containing little reminders about the deceased. Inside are short easy to do activities, in order to assist in the grieving process.

People often send cards to the bereaved, to help them in their grief. Mourning quilts, jewellery and other items are used to remember a loved one, a centuries old custom.

Friends of our good friend Marsha, who became our friends, moved interstate last year to be near family. A sudden heart attack and her husband was gone — just a few months later.

A mourning junk journal

We decided to make a small junk journal instead of sending a sympathy card.

Well, it’s not that small!

Two signatures totalling 64 pages, plus notelets and tags and journalling cards…

The cover is a watercolour painting I made of an historic church in the main street of our village. Kay loves gardens, painting and colour.

First the couple

The first signature has simple grief activities under flyouts or on tags.

One is for Kay to write a secret letter to her husband on the pretty floral paper, telling him her feelings.

Now she is alone

The pretty card that starts the next signature has a tag with the first “job” for healing. There are a few more simple tasks for Kay in this part of the journal.

We hope this new life gets a bit easier with our love. Kay phoned to say how thoughtful we were and how much she loved her mourning journal.

To sum up

Perhaps you have made a mourning junk journal, or would like to. Can I help with resources or suggestions? Post a comment below.

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