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Most favourite junk journal style: Poll results

The votes are in! It was interesting to see what people felt was their best loved type of journal. The most favourite junk journal style as voted by you was…


Voted by you

Vintage journals

This one is my take on a vintage journal. My inspiration was a piece of vintage sheet music (below) and gorgeous imagery sourced from vintage public domain photos in the New York Public Library.

Love Everlasting vintage junk journal
Love Everlasting

What were the results?

  1. Vintage
  2. Trashy
  3. Shabby Chic
  4. Nature Themed
  5. Feminine
  6. Bohemian
  7. Eclectic

We all have favourite styles

One favourite is trashy junk journals. Because these books utilise ‘junk’ in them, they are close to my heart.

Favourite style is Trashy junk journal Many different paper types and page sizes

Another popular junk journal style:

Shabby Chic uses pale colours of pink, cream, coffee dyed items such as ribbons and lace. Frayed edges and torn fragments are also used in these journals.

Mini journal in pocket, corner tuck
Mini journal in pocket, corner tuck

Nature themed journals

Whether you stick to strict botanical imagery, or use fauna and flora, this is really a popular style of junk journal.

Wendy's Journal Adventure: Natural themed
Wendy (and Leo) make great natural journals

And so…

Of course, like many of you, the book I am currently working on is my favourite style of junk journal. Whether it be trashy, vintage or bohemian, I love them all.

Did your style win?

Even if it didn’t, it still wins with you.

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