Making junk journals

Junk journals from trash? Would you?

Would you make junk journals from trash? To be more precise, would you make junk journals from the paper recycling kerbside bin? Eew! I hear you say.

The bin has clean paper and cardboard in it. So let’s see what we could do with that.

4 useful paper items from the trash

  1. Cereal boxes
  2. Medicine packets
  3. Swing tags
  4. Used envelopes

Cereal boxes make wonderful covers for junk journals. Flatten them out, cut them to size and they are ready to be decorated. Also, cake mix and muffin mix packets are just about perfect in size!

journals from trash cereal box to cover
Cover made from empty cereal box

Cut small packaging with lightweight cardboard, such as medicine packets, to card or tag size. You get tags and journalling card bases.

journal tag from trash
Tag made from the side of a dog medicine packet, round tag was an ice cream top.

Swing tags from garments also make good tags, if they are not too tiny.

close up photo of blue tommy hilfiger dress shirt with tag
Photo by Joe Gutierrez on

Junk mail often has interesting folders or postcards enclosed. Even envelopes can change into pockets for holding tags.

A green triple pocket from junk mail envelope
A triple pocket from junk mail green envelope

Junk journals from trash?

Just a few suggestions for you in this article. There are many other useful packaging and paper materials.

Keep your eye out and an open mind. You might surprise yourself with your creativity!

Read more about trashy junk journals here.

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