Printables in My Junk Journals

My journals are filled with lots of imagery. I use printables in my junk journals to enhance the pages. As well, I use some to embellish the covers and tags in journals. Antique Postcards is a junk journal which uses patterned paper from a stack called Antique Essentials by Kaisercraft. The imagery is vintage postcards … Read more Printables in My Junk Journals

What Is A Gluebook?

What are gluebooks? The best definition of a gluebook is probably a cross between an old fashioned scrapbook, a collage book and a trashy junk journal. Junk Journal or Scrapbook? When I was a child, a scrapbook was a big book made of newsprint or brown paper pages. We stuck pictures in, not always very … Read more What Is A Gluebook?

Junk Journal Terms Explained in New Glossary

term in junk journal

As I ‘listened’ to new junk journal makers on Facebook, asking about the terms used, I decided to help these new people. I began constructing a glossary of junk journal terms and their definitions. Remember when you were watching videos and reading Facebook posts to learn about junk journals? Imagine how much easier it would … Read more Junk Journal Terms Explained in New Glossary

One of my own junk journals (How it began)

Places for writing in your junk journal

Let me tell you about one of my own junk journals which two of my friends gave me the makings of. It started with a bundle of cards with sayings on them which Marsha thought typified me. Some of the cards featured flamingos. Denise then came along with a notebook with flamingos on each page, … Read more One of my own junk journals (How it began)

Custom junk journal (Wedding Junk Journal In Blue and White)

Custom wedding journal

Joy commissioned this custom junk journal for her granddaughter as a wedding gift. The bride wore white satin and her attendants cobalt blue. Blue and white in all the ephemera and decorations, plus lots of space for writing, was the brief. Other information for the custom junk journal: they won a cruise for their honeymoon … Read more Custom junk journal (Wedding Junk Journal In Blue and White)

Free Junk Journal Cards

Upcycle junk paper sentiments added

Following on from my gluing scrap strips to junk cardboard to make tags, I have been painting and stencilling on more trash cardboard and packaging. And I get free junk journal cards for my efforts! [su_youtube url=””] While you can buy beautiful readymade cards and tags for your journals, it’s much more eco-friendly to make … Read more Free Junk Journal Cards


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