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As I ‘listened’ to new junk journal makers on Facebook, asking about the terms used, I decided to help these new people. I began constructing a glossary of junk journal terms and their definitions.

Remember when you were watching videos and reading Facebook posts to learn about junk journals? Imagine how much easier it would have been if this dictionary was available then!

While the glossary doesn’t tell you how to make a junk journal, it helps to ‘translate’ this language we speak.

Twenty Terms, More To Do

While it is a long way from complete, I have started. I will be adding to the glossary as I think of additional junk journal terms to describe. You can help, too. Find out how at the end of this article.

So far, I have outlined twenty terms on the glossary index page. You can easily see these words in the boxes under the alphabet at the top of the page.

As I build the glossary, there will be more terms. So you will need to click the beginning letter of the word you are trying to find the description of, for example, tag.

You will click on the T in the alphabet, or find the word in the list below that.

Click on the letter or word in the junk journal terms index
Click on the letter or word in the junk journal terms index

Definitions Appear

As you read posts and pages on my site, you will see words which are underlined. (My normal links are not underlined.) These words are junk journal terms and are defined in the glossary.

click on the underlined junk journal term
Click on the underlined junk journal term

If you click on one of these words, you will see a tool tip with the beginning of the explanation and a link to the rest of the definition. The definition also has pictures which help to explain the word or phrase.

A link to the main glossary index is at the top and bottom of the definition page.

Help Fill The Glossary of Junk Journal Definitions

This glossary could be a great resource for all junk journallers, so we can all contribute.

You can help fill the junk journal terms glossary by adding a comment at the bottom. Tell me in the comment any term or terms you would like defined.

Add to Junk Journal Glossary

Alternatively, you can add a junk journal term by filling in the form below with a term and definition. You may upload an image (max. 2 Mb) to support your definition, also.

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