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Painted packaging

Free Junk Journal Tags

Following on from my gluing scrap strips to junk cardboard to make tags I have been painting and stencilling on more trash cardboard and packaging.

Surface design on the cardboard pieces

Starting with a couple of acrylic paint colours from a current painting, I painted the surface of the cards which were roughly cut to journalling card size.

Painted packaging

Using a wedge makeup sponge, stencilling came next in contrasting colours to the backgrounds.

Stencilled packaging

Scribbling and doodling with paint pens and permanent markers enhanced the surface even more.

The backs have lined paper pasted on for journalling spaces.

Journalling card sentiments

Lastly, I glued words cut from a mail order catalogue to form some motivational sentiments on each card.
Sentiments added

Unique free journalling cards

A great way to use trash cardboard and leftover paint from your palette.

Full Journal

My Travel Notebook Almost Full

In 2012 we lived in a Winnebago and I started keeping a travel journal using an old dictionary, a Reader’s Digest Word Finder. Hardly a notebook – more a tome! Perhaps a “Big Bertha” (Nod to Shannon Green.)

Still travelling but in a caravan and not full time, so the journal is used for travel and life notes now.

Word Finder

Some time ago, my friend Noreen gave me another Word Finder which will be my new journal after the current one is completely full. That day is almost here.

A spread from a couple of years ago.

Jan's 70th page-3-4
Pages 3 and 4 of 70th birthday

Journal repairs

The poor book was getting very worn and the spine was parting. I gave it a facelift by strengthening the spine with cloth tape and collaging some of the removed original pages onto the covers. I added a ribbon closure and a fancy brad.

I am still deciding on decorations for the cover.

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Embellishment storage from trash

Needing something to store tiny ephemera in, I made a chest of drawers from the boxes that our single serve dog food comes in.

The twelve pack cartons have two six pack cartons inside, and each of these has a drawer that slides out which the little tins sit in.

Construction of the chest of drawers

Chest of drawers

Glued two small cartons inside a large one, and put two drawers in each side. Glued two drawers side by side on the top.

Under the whole thing, I glued a flat box with a plastic tray that held tiny jam tarts in it for small flower cut outs.

Chest of drawers open

Roses from a friend – painted

My friend gave me a bunch of gorgeous roses from her garden a couple of months ago, and I immediately took pictures so I could paint them.

Roses from Marsha's garden in a crystal vase
Roses from Marsha’s garden in a crystal vase

Watercolour paints and paper at the ready

Several failed attempts later I was happy with this one, painted freehand with the brush as my pencil.

watercolour painting roses in crystal


Hate the light pink rose, love the rest of the painting


Old House Dabee Street Rylstone

Colour Pencil Paintings of Old Rylstone Buildings

I have started a series of colour pencil paintings of Rylstone, New South Wales, a tiny historical stone village on the edge of the Greater Blue Mountains National Park. Many of the buildings date from the early 1800s.

My Supplies for Colour Pencil Paintings

  • Stonehenge paper (specifically made for colour pencils)
  • The photo printed at the size to fit the painting on the drawing paper
  • A palette selection from my gorgeous Prismacolor™ Premier® pencils in
    pigments to match the photographs
  • Foamcore™ board for attaching the drawing paper
  • Push pins to pin the corners of the paper to the board
  • White plastic eraser
  • White mounting putty for gentle erasing
  • Sharpener (hand held) with sharp blades
  • F or HB pencil for light preliminary drawing

The first two paintings

Historic Rylstone Station

The railway used to operate here and the old station building still stands, although is now privately owned.

Painted from a mid morning photograph with diffuse shadows.

Colour pencil paintings: Old Rylstone Railway Station
Old Rylstone Railway Station c.1894

A Stone Cottage

No one lives in this cottage at present. Constructed of stone quarried locally, it has interesting quoins. (Quoins are the joined corners at the ends of stone walls of buildings.)

I took the photograph for this picture in the late afternoon, so the shadows are dark and long.

Colour pencil paintings: Old House Dabee Street Rylstone
Old House Dabee Street Rylstone

I have several more photos and plan several more colour pencil paintings from around the village.

Buddi's portrait finished

Finished Buddi’s portrait

Buddi and his mummy came for a visit this morning to say goodbye and invite me to come when Buddi went to sleep. He was very frail and so thin, just like a human 90-odd year old would be.

I decided to finish his portrait so he would still be there for Denise afterwards. She was happy and is going to hang it in her bedroom.

Buddi's portrait finished
Buddi’s portrait finished