How will I fit all my supplies for my travel journal?

In the back of the Winnebago, under the bedroom, is a huge storage area with access three ways.

I have put all my supplies into a large wheeled tub.

Here they are all out:

All spread out, ready to pack
My journalling supplies ready to pack

And here they are all in:

All packed into the tub
My travel journal equipment all inside the tub.

The brightly coloured zippered cosmetic bags were a gift for our travels, but they are much too nice to keep for the bathroom.

The toiletries bag shown open, with pens, markers, coloured pencils, water colour pens…

Toiletries bag makes a good hold all for pens.
A man’s toiletries bag with lots of zippered compartments which open flat.

5 thoughts on “How will I fit all my supplies for my travel journal?

  1. Awesome! I think your travel Journal shall be extremely adventurous and unique! Can’t wait to see it!

      1. Quite frankly, I can’t wait either! I am so excited for you and your husband and your “Foxies?”. When do you begin the journey? (on the road). Obviously, you have already begun the “journey”! ; ). I will try to take photos and send from my summer journal (you commented on it on Travel and Art Journal’s website. I am Shy 3 entries, but I think I am pleased with the results! My son’s left to go back to the USA last Friday… And I need to begin my Autumn Journal Entries this Thursday with a road trip to Essen Germany and Gross Aitingen, Germany! I wonder if you have seen the American Magazine: “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”? It is right up your alley! Quilting, Journaling, crafting!


        1. Yes, Mary, I have downloaded some issues to my iPad. I like it a lot.

          As soon as the money clears after the house settlement we are off! The vehicle has been getting paint protection and solar panels, etcetera, so she is waiting for the journey to commence, too!

          Bob’s birthday is 2/10, and I told him that he was getting the Winnebago for his birthday, so that’s probably about right.

          If you go to
          you can see a picture of Bob with our ‘babies’.

          1. Greetings! I tried to upload some photos to Travel Art Journal, but my photos are too large. Need to redo… Unfortunately, I won’t be able to send until next week. But I will!

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