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How to write in a junk journal

This article has a few ideas about writing in a junk journal. Often people ask how to write in a junk journal. Because junk journals have much different kinds of paper, it is often a puzzle.

Firstly, let’s look at pages in some of the journals I have made. I will leave space for writing on most spreads. Also I tuck journalling cards and tags inside pockets. You can write on these.

What about in a trashy junk journal?

Here’s a spread in my gratitude trashy junk journal that has no writing, where I glued papers over the pictures to hold my written thoughts.

Writing in junk journals: before the writing
The ’empty’ page

While here’s the page after I added my gratitude thoughts. I also wrote across the printed text on the page. Although that is less readable, it was done that way to disguise my writings.

Writing in my gratitude junk journal
Writing in my gratitude junk journal

You can watch the making of my gratitude journal in this video.

What to write?

Like any journal, you can write whatever you like in your junk journal!

You can draw, paste pictures, add notes in the margins or under the pictures. Just enjoy the pleasure of having a unique book to use.

6 ideas for recording in a junk journal

  1. A health journal or diary is so much nicer if it’s a junk journal rather than a lined notebook. Your doctor will really enjoy reading the entries, too!
  2. How about writing in a junk journal for your gratitude practice?
  3. Or writing about your feelings around a special time in your life?
  4. Consider telling your junk journal about some personal triumph, or an achievement you reached. Talk about the trials as well as the joys. This can be a very fulfilling exercise. Of course, it will be a beautiful reminder of your accomplishment.
  5. I made a custom junk journal for a wedding and honeymoon cruise. There was ample writing space in this one.
  6. Another custom journal was to record family sayings. Obviously, that needed lots of dedicated writing space too!
  7. Johanna Clough made and wrote in a book for each of her children. See inside them in her flip through video.

Your question answered!

So, your questions about how to write, and what to write, in a junk journal are now answered.

Just enjoy the process.

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