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Gratitude Junk Journals

What’s inside gratitude journals? They contain quotes, tips, question cards/tags and more. There is plenty of writing space so that the user can easily implement the practice of gratitude in such a journal.

Firstly, what is gratitude practice?

By remembering to be grateful, you can change your life. It’s too easy to forget to follow your daily practice. It seems that even once or twice a week can still let you reap benefits.

However, if you have a beautiful junk journal to inspire you, regular exercises will happen.

There are many, many books on this subject, also.

What’s in a gratitude journal?

All junk journals have things in common:

Gratitude journals have some additional features:

  • Exercises to practise
  • Questions to answer
  • Quotes about gratitude

Inside my gratitude journal

My book is a trashy junk journal containing all of the above. I made three similar junk journals to help a couple of friends implement gratitude practice in their lives. We used to meet each week to share and encourage each other. Unfortunately, life really interfered. Both have cancer and are very unwell, so now it’s just me!

Altered index cards have statements from research into gratitude journalling. I clipped some in here and there throughout the book. Making a colourful page appears to lift your spirits, even before you begin composing a single sentence.

Prompts for gratitude practice

Tags can be pretty and decorative, and still help with your practice by prompting you. You can find some suggestions in the resources above.

Write small tips on the cards and tags.

Gratitude junk journal tag with gratitude sentiment

On the gratitude journal pages you can write questions at the top or the bottom. Alternatively, you could write these up the outside edges of pages.

Some questions you might include

Detailed answers are the most effective here. Write a few short sentences or a couple of pages, whichever feels good. Likewise, I find that the back of a journalling card is enough space on some days.

  1. Who is the most influential person in your life and how does he/she cause you to feel appreciative?
  2. What is it about my surroundings (home, neighbourhood, room, garden) that makes me feel grateful?
  3. What gifts/talents do I have that I can share with others? How am I thankful for these?
  4. What can I find to be grateful for at this very instant?
  5. Why do you value a special friend? Write a letter in your journal about the reasons.
gratitude journal letter to friend

Use secret pockets

You might wish to share some of your writing with others, such as family members. However, some things might be best kept secret. There several ways to manage this. One is to hide a pocket (like this envelope pocket) under an image.

My new gratitude junk journal

Whilst looking through my gratitude journal for this post, I fell in love with it all over again. Consequently, I am starting my practice once more. All the images on this post are from that new journal.

Make your own gratitude junk journal

I have a series about making a gratitude junk journal on YouTube.

Would you like to join me?

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