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Getting Started On Your Next Junk Journal

Here’s a few tips that might help

Having trouble getting started on your next junk journal? Do you go into your workspace, look around and walk back out? Lost your muse/mojo? Getting started seems to be a real stumbling block for many junk journallers.

All artists (yes you are) have lulls in their creativity. Constantly stimulated, you would go mad! (Too late, I hear you say. 😊)

Often all it takes is to start somewhere.

Jan T

Here’s a few tips that might help

1. Clear away the stuff from the last junk journal

I have a bin on the floor beside my work table which holds all the bits and bobs that need filing. As I finish with any paper or ephemera, I drop it into that bin. When I start putting these bits away, I often remember why I collected that, or made this.

2. Get out some paper to put into a signature

Don’t have any idea in mind as you fold your papers. Enjoy being in your creative zone. At least things are in order for the next journal.
If no new plans come, then go out and have a cuppa. Putting pressure on yourself to get an idea is actually going to have the opposite effect!

3. Make a pages snippet roll

Carol Laws invented this. Meanwhile play at pasting pieces of torn paper or ephemera onto the book pages. Inspiration will strike, as it often does.
Again, if there’s no spark, feel pleased with your progress, in readiness for when you do get going.

Here’s what I made when I tried this method.

Using a masterboard

4. Remember that op shop haul?

What excited you about the stuff you picked up? You were ready to stop everything and start on the fabulous new concept you designed in your head on the way home.

I forget about some of my charity shop buys. When I come across them they excite me all over again!

Get out the goodies and go through them. Skim through any books or maps. Handle the fabrics and ribbons. Ready to go yet?

5. My Top Tip
for getting started on your next junk journal

just do it - getting started on a new junk journal

So now you know my secrets for getting started on a new junk journal.

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