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Flyouts for Junk Journal Pages

Flyouts for junk journal pages are added to existing pages in a junk journal. These are glued to a side edge, a top edge or glued down on the journal page.

What is a flyout?

The technical term is a tipped-in page , although the method for attaching these is specific. Whereas, you can be as creative as you like with a flyout.

In your junk journal, anywhere you’d like extra pages, you can attach more after the book is made. Because they ‘fly’ out of the existing junk journal pages, you attach them in any spot you like.

Folded paper flyout

Flyouts for junk journal pages can be as simple as a piece of paper folded and glued to a page. The paper unfolds to reveal more writing space.

Side edge flyout

Washi tape attaches this flyout to the outside edge of a journal page. Because washi tape is not permanent, add some additional glue.

flyout page attached with washi tape
Flyout page attached with washi tape

Different glued in flyout

I made an envelope, but didn’t glue it together. Once attached to the page, a unique flyout!

envelope flyout-closed
Envelope flyout-closed
Envelope flyout-open

Top or bottom edge flyout

Another way to attach a flyout in a junk journal is to the top or bottom of an existing page. The paper opens out so you can use it to add more writing or pictures to your junk journal.

Carol from the Crafty Emporium shows you:

The video is part of a series, so in the first part Carol talks about the previous lesson. Keep watching! ;>)

Carol shows how she does it

I love using flyouts in my journals

Have you used any of these methods for adding flyouts (tip ins) to your junk journals? Tell us in a comment below.

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